Friday, December 9, 2011

Fixing the TSA - Congress whittles with the wrong end of the knife

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn introduced H.R. 3608, the STRIP ACT as reported in The Hill .
All it does is strip the title of officer from TSA employees who have not taken LE training.

My congressman got an earful from me. Summing my complaint, I wrote that the TSA is the congressionally coreographed victory dance for Al Queda and the Taliban. All H.R. 3608 does is rename a character in the playbill. Its an insult, a waste of time and not worthy of my opinion on the merits of its passage.

Abolish the TSA. Put the duty, responsibility and liability for the traveling public onto the transport company.

When you whittle with the wrong end of the knife you won't cut much wood, you will bleed and people will laugh at your stupidity; no matter you thought you were whittling a gift for your hecklers.

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