Thursday, December 15, 2011

Trends in Government Services-Less for More

User fees and service fees are becoming a wide spread trend in the delivery model for government services. While there was a time that I advocated for such fees, now I am recanting based upon two points of objection. The first is the notion that government is a not for profit enterprise. The second is that whatever government does should provide a general benefit and be paid by general taxes.

Taking the second point, first, for discussion. Without delving into an arguement to parse each and every function for its proper inclusion as a general benefit suitable to be a be government service, let's stipulate that what we do receive all qualify. I don't agree that they all do. Its just that this discussion goes to methods of paying for them.

Very quickly and simply, if a government service is provided on a fee for use basis this means that the taxpayers pay to staff and equip the agency providing the service but, without the fee the service wouldn't be delivered. This makes little sense except as an admission that the service isn't provided as a general service but targets a specific group. Take toll roads and courts, for instance. While both are open to the public, only users pay fees to use them. The prevailing wisdom is that these services benefit all, even those who do not directly use them. Who wants criminals untried or their goods undelivered. or unable to commute to work?

Going to the first objection, that government should not be involved in for profit endeavors.
Whether or not the purpose of a fee is to make a profit or to subsidize a department, if the service is considered properly delivered by a government agency, the unstated premise is that the service somehow is connected to the general welfare and not a subsidization of a special interest group. If, OTOH, the government imposes fees in order to subsidize the taxpayer at the expense of the user, this gives rise to a challenge that the staffing and equipping of the delivering agency is a taxpayer subsidy to a special interest group. If this is the argument the government wants to make, then the proper mechanism for delivery of the service is through a competitive, private, for profit endeavor.

One way governments have recognized this dichotomy of function (general welfare service) and recipient (subsidized special interest) is to contract out the service to a private company. This is a close proximation to what they ought to be doing. I take exception to long term, monopolistic contracts, though. The benefits of competition are lost when the ink dries. Contracts should be short term and/or divided along some lines like geographical areas.

Parks are a good example. Open to the public. Purchased, equipped, staffed and maintained by general taxes, they are often accessible by fee. Additionally, some users and locations are fee exempt, others pay a hefty amount.

This scheme of delivering government services is Naut Right.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Explaining more at the well means less at the pump - for gasoline.

First, another link telling more positive news coming from U.S. energy production: US Oil Shale Seen Rising Fast

The Saudis have used production to control prices since 1973, when we had our first oil embargo, courtesy of them and Henry Kissinger. They know this game. It's too obvious that increased supply puts downward pressure on price. What is not so obvious is the vicious circle this can catch the market into riding. If the Saudis feel compelled to maintain revenues large enough to generate near same gross profits that they have for so long, before this new competitor arrived, they have to pump more to make up for lost margins when new supply drops prices. That additional quantity in the market further presses down on prices, leading to another decision to live with less profit or increase supply again until revenues generate profits equal with the past. This could continue until the market becomes saturated and no increases in supply can be bought up. This is a classic equilibrium sequence for any market.

The flip side is that the Saudis could elect to withdraw production in order to keep prices where the margins for profit are maintained. The risk for the Saudis is that the lost gross profits might not sustain their hold on their kingdom, which is now that of a benevolent king. Well, in a few regards. They can be brutal when it suits them. They could choose a chancy road of supression of their subjects, but then spring might come to Saudi Arabia. They don't want that. One other choice they would have would be to cash in their holdings of American assets, until that runs out. Lastly, thet can choose a more frugal lifestyle, which if that were in them, one might think they would have already done so in order to quiet criticisms of their lifestyles juxtaposed against that of their tent bound, camel ridden subjects.

Its going to be interesting.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Fixing the TSA - Congress whittles with the wrong end of the knife

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn introduced H.R. 3608, the STRIP ACT as reported in The Hill .
All it does is strip the title of officer from TSA employees who have not taken LE training.

My congressman got an earful from me. Summing my complaint, I wrote that the TSA is the congressionally coreographed victory dance for Al Queda and the Taliban. All H.R. 3608 does is rename a character in the playbill. Its an insult, a waste of time and not worthy of my opinion on the merits of its passage.

Abolish the TSA. Put the duty, responsibility and liability for the traveling public onto the transport company.

When you whittle with the wrong end of the knife you won't cut much wood, you will bleed and people will laugh at your stupidity; no matter you thought you were whittling a gift for your hecklers.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Exasperated Europe turns to crowdsourcing for answers

Found this interesting at the 17:21 mark.
See also the link in the first comment to locate the text about this.

It is very oddly reassuring that the European money changers have gone hi-tech with an iPad app to invite a crowd-sourcing solution to the eurozone economic crisis. But there you have it. I have more faith in the people working through a faux free market exercise than I do central planners. I admit there are going to be a huge number of central planning, commie, socialistic, and aristocratic solutions profered. The market solutions will shine through.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New find of natural gas And oil in eastern U.S.

I will let the link lay out the facts. First, are we really awash in carbon based energy? Second, should there be renewed emphasis on Abiogenesis as the theory for oil formation?

The link from the greatest site:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Dems abandon Obama on Gunwalker- Obama has a way out!

Dems abandoning ship on Gunwalker linked to

Issa and Grassley should invoke the Truman doctrine, "The Buck Stops Here." They do that by asking the president how he failed to know that an operation of this magnitude and consequence went on right under his nose without his knowledge. While it is plausible that such a thing could happen, it opens the question, what else goes on under the auspices of presidential authority that he is unaware of.

Further, if he didn't know about this, how could he know what else goes on unbeknownst to him. Should we be able to trust that the president has the reigns of the executive branch firmly in his own grasp? It would seem not. This thing goes farther than itself, then. It implicates the whole authority and command of the president.

Indeed, this is the manifestation of a failed Truman doctrine; a doctrine that acts as the pinking shears on the drapes of plausible deniability. The Truman doctrine cuts away the veil the presidents always try to use to protect themselves. The only protection faithful to his oath and duties is to vigorously expose and prosecute anyone who has abused his trust in the name of his office. There's no other way out.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How local governments force you to waste gas.

The by-pass. It is one of my pet peeves. Drive down a busy thoroughfare and every big box store, every chain restaurant and every corner gas station has to have it's own traffic light. Our town calls their main commercial thru street the by-pass. It's nothing of the sort. All that remains of the street moniker is a nod to good intentions of a day long gone by. Hoping to decongest downtown traffic by rerouting thru traffic, they built a new road; the by-pass. Every Soul with an ounce of commerce sense wanted to capture that traffic. Today, downtown is dead and by-passing the town has become an energy gulping, exhaust belching, traffic nightmare. The town next over to the west, Kokomo, IN is adding a by-pass around their by-pass. Do local government officials take the blue pill, ala The Matrix, with their oath of office. Do they not know they are creating a new venue for commerce and consequently traffic lights, congestion and wasted gas? How do they think they're going to stop it? It will just cause the business on the old by-pass to struggle, just like downtown.

Freeways- the oxymoron of fast auto travel in the U.S. Put one near a city and every town street that can see the freeway with 35X binoculars wants an exit ramp to lure traffic. If that's not half bad, what is bad is that local traffic climbs on the freeway and uses it as a local thoroughfare w/o speed limits or traffic lights. That is how rush hour got invented. Wasting your gas sitting still on a freeway with a 70 mph speed limit because everyone going from one end of town to the other wants to get on the "freeway". Thru traffic should be stopped or shunted from an hour either side of the rush hour. It's too late to stop local traffic. I kid. It's a nightmare. Indianapolis and Chicago are bent on creating more of them. Of course, having taken the blue pill they're oblivious.

Leading me to, freeway construction. In the summer gas prices go way up to capture the increased demand due to summer vacation travel. So what do the blue pill eaters do? Dig up miles and miles of good freeway to put down miles and miles of good freeway when everyone in the country is on them. At least the color and the stripes look nice for the winter driving crowd, which are the locals, who it wasn't meant for in the first place. We get to squeeze in, slow down, sometimes to a crawl for hours so that my taxes can go to a paving construction company who causes me to spend more on gas so he can recycle some of my taxes to a campaign kitty for the blue pill eaters in Washington, D.C. Makes perfect sense.

Country lanes- I try to get around downtown and the by-pass by taking the county lanes. The blue pill people at county government have me covered. It seems like every intersection has become a four way stop. Nine times out of ten, no one meets me at the country lane intersection. Obeying the law demands I stop, wasting precious time and gasoline. For what? One excuse is to deter speeding. When I was a teen, the race was the quarter mile. You'd be stopped by the half mile. Stop signs every mile do nothing to deter that. If one wanted to go many miles that fast they could go to the freeway. Oh, wait. Scratch that.

I have read this excuse after an accident suffering a tragic death, usually a pretty teen girl or young mom, never for a geezer. The extra two stop signs are to prevent another tragic accident. Actually the fact that this logic doesn't disqualify a person from ending out their term as an elected official or employ as a street maintenance person signifies we are, none of us, too smart for allowing it to go on. The two stop signs that were already there when the accident happened didn't prevent the accident. A person didn't look who was stopped or was supposed to stop. Another sign won't prevent that from happening again. Four way stops and traffic light corners have accidents all the time. People being stupid, distracted or plain old not paying attention cause accidents. Not a lack of a four way stop.

Commercial traffic in thoroughfares should be routed to frontages that dump out on the by-pass at fewer locations, giving thru traffic a freer reign and less wasting of gas. Freeways should have every other exit ramp in city jurisdictions shut down to keep local traffic off. Country lanes should allow the naturally used thru streets to travel in relative unobstructed flow except where a naturally used cross roads or State highways intersects it.

We waste tons of gas and money with traffic flow plans that have nothing to do with traffic flow or safety. They are about commerce and feel good responses to grieving relatives of dead drivers. The future governments should eat the red pill. Get real. They should modify these wasteful patterns. Roads should be repaired when they need it, not on a schedule or when the budget can be plumped up. STOP signs should enhance flow. Exit ramps should only be for intersecting major State highways and a few select city accesses.

The government considers energy self-sufficiency a national security priority. They can help us help them achieve it by designing traffic flow patterns that accomplish that objective.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The TSA had pled incompetence once too many

Again and again TSA employees use their tin badges to sexually molest , intimidate and threaten citizens. Each and every time, without exception the TSA issues statements to the effect that proper procedures and policies were not observed by the TSA employee. They promise that these policies and procedures will be reviewed with the employees to prevent any further mistakes. Sometimes they even might apologize.

The question needs to change. We citizens have been asking for compassion, restraint, changes. Sometimes the TSA changes, sometimes they don't. Now is the time to ask how long the citizens are expected to tolerate incidents like this one: humiliating Pat Down of Breast Cancer Survivor before we can assert with a minimum of certainty that the TSA is unable, unwilling and resisting making changes in response to the criticisms and, quite frankly, indecent treatment of citizens exercising a right to travel.

The justification for this quagmire of bureaucratic lewdness isn't supported by the facts or their success at making the airways safer.

If the government really wanted to make the airways safer they would encourage certain people to conceal carry. Law enforcement, military and ex-military, citizens with exemplary records. This show has to have a curtain call.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Peak Oil: An ideas whose Time has not come

From my favorite blog, Instapundit

An oil boom in North American radically changes the future. Whereas just two years ago the term peak oil had gained acceptance as the present condition and heretofore had laid our dismal future before us now seems so ahead of it's time. Way too far ahead.

Read this short blog post: North American Oil Boom
Does Fast and Furious Put Impeachment on the Table?

The following was my own comment made in the comments ection of the article.

Here is the trap Obama has made for himself. Plausible deniability fails as a defense when the administration obstructs senate oversight. If no one can be identified by a showing of evidence, then the Truman doctrine goes into effect. The one that says the buck stops here. He is ultimately responsible. When Obama figures that out, subsequently flinging the doors open to a search of the record he will then have offered proof in open view of obstruction of justice. P.s. Watch Solyndra turn out to be a money laundering scheme for F&F.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

There Ought to be a Law

This is another story of a DEA drug bust, gone half bad. Once again Leviathan intimidates an innocent couple while executing a raid based on false or incorrect information.
There is a rare and happy ending. No dogs were shot. No children abducted. No woman humiliated. No husband beaten or shot through and through. The owners answered the knock. What? They can do this now? Answered the questions put by the agents, declaring the sought suspect was not there and no acquaintenvpce of theirs. Here is the kicker. The refused the DEA entry without a warrant.
Again, what? You mean they organized a raid without a warrant? Is this passé now?
There ought to be a law. Whenever a persons liberty, property, health or life is taken during a preplanned government action the citizen must prevail in any suit against said agency and all the actors involved. As it stands the law excuses the agency for logical but arcane reasons and often excuses the agents directly involved because there were doing a duty. These excuses and defenses ought not be in our legal system when an act is preplanned.
So if a citizen, his dog or his front door get the weight of government authority pressed upon them improperly the citizen is entitled to every defense including the castle doctrine, though most of the time that is going to get the citizen killed.
Here is the story that prompted this post:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Prominent addition to my Son of a Bitch list

Asthma Inhaler Ban

Let me make it official. Obama went from political opponent, requiring of me a level of respect due any other citizen and the more so as the duly elected holder of the office of the President of the United States slipping into last place on my son of a bitch list. My grandson relies on these. The gloves are off, you son of a bitch!

My daughter's song to her sons

GODSPEED (Sweet Dreams) by the Dixie Chicks, written by Radney Foster
Godspeed(Sweet Dreams)

Dragon tales and the "water is wide"
Pirate's sail and lost boys fly
Fish bite moonbeams every night
And I love you
Godspeed, little man
Sweet dreams, little man
Oh my love will fly to you each night
on angels wings
Sweet dreams

The rocket racer's all tuckered out
Superman's in pajamas on the couch
Goodnight moon, we'll find the mouse
And I love you
Godspeed, little man
Sweet dreams, little man

Oh my love will fly to you each night
on angels wings
Godspeed, Sweet dreams

God bless mommy and match box cars
God bless dad and thanks for the stars
God hears "Amen", wherever we are
And I love you
Godspeed, little man
Sweet dreams, little man

Oh my love will fly to you each night on angels wings
Sweet dreams

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Conspiracy Theory on Fast and Furious and Solyndra

Two separate articles posted this week reported that Solyndra executives pleaded the Fifth before a congressional committee seeking to uncover wrong doing in the federal loan deal to Solyndra, the solar panel company. Solyndra went bankrupt 17 months after receiving a $535 million dollar government loan ostensibly to promote green energy and create jobs. Where did all that money go? Why did the executives plead the fifth? The usual political graft comes into play. However, so far it seems Obama invested in the company before a name change and campaign contributions were made to the Obama campaign all appear to be above board and reported. No matter the stink of it, the investment and contributions seem to be in compliance with the law. In another article by Megan McArdle, she lays out the step by step of the money trail. In it she lays out the poor or stupid, depending on, management of the company. So here's the question. Who pleads the Fifth to cover up perfectly legal campaign contributions and the perfectly legal, if idiotic, bankrupting of a company? What is to hide? The world already knows the corporate officers made a public ass of themselves. What are the potential criminal activities that they are hiding behind the Fifth to protect themselves from a prosecution? The conspiracy raises it's ugly head right here. The whole thing is a ruse, a camouflage. The Obama personal investment, the graft, crony capitalism, the loan, even the bankruptcy are all a misdirection play. Oh, what a ruse. Had they not pled the Fifth it might have worked, too. But that plea makes no sense in light of what we do know. It's what we don't know and at this point and don't even suspect that underlies the plea. What needs to be investigated with the equivalent of legal pick axes and dynamite is any connection between Solyndra and Fast and Furious. How do I put the two together? The stonewalling at the top of government against the senate investigation on Fast and Furious makes no sense unless the very top levels of government are guilty of involvement. At this point in the investigation it makes no sense that if the top layers of government were innocent they wouldn't be throwing the guilty or suspected under the bus, wholesale. This thing is too big to play face saving games. Whoever is guilty, if found out, is going to be ground to dust by the legal system, not to mention their fates if Mexico gets ahold of them. Here is where a conspiracy theory gets dicey. There appears, as yet, no direct connection between Fast and Furious and Solyndra. But for a conspiracists, that's all the more enticing. Was Solyndra a money laundering scheme to finance the illegal aspects of Fast and Furious? Was the objective of Fast and Furious to set the stage for draconian gun laws? Ah, another twist in the conspiracy theory. That is the most widely suspected objective. It makes sense. It's been an objective of the democrats and Obama forever. The BATFE would be very willing to be played a dupe in such a scheme. Yet it has one glaring weakness. The law and the culture of the United States are the exact opposite of ripe for such an opportunity. It would be akin to driving your head into a concrete wall to cure a headache. When you take time to layer the logistics of such a plan over the expected consequences it makes no sense. Even in light of the boisterous and cocky Obama administration that have bullied through Obamacare, TARP, fiscal stimulus and the debt ceiling imbroglios, this would seem an uncharacteristic stretch for Obama. So what other scenario could be excavated from the circumstances that might stand up to logic? How about the overthrow of the Mexican government by the drug cartels? They got the guns. The guns were traced but no one has bothered to try to trace the funds. Yet this was the exact reason the operation was intended in the first place, i.e. to trace the guns to the leaders of the cartels. BATFE and the IRS wouldn't have expected to find the cartel leaders in personal possession of the guns. No. But they would have expected to be able to trace the source of the funding for the buys. Unless. Unless the funding came from the U.S. Government. Ah, but that in itself is way to risky. Government accounting may be sloppy but it is volumous. Eventually someone might have ferreted out the source if it came from the U.S. Government. Considering that tracing the funds to the cartel leaders would have been equally as difficult it only stands to reason the organizers on the U.S. Side were going to have to launder the funding. SOLYNDRA!

Governor Rick Perry Fumbles Immigration

In the debate this week in Orlando, Governor Rick Perry, TX, Republican candidate for president makes the contention that fencing the 2,200 mile border is beyond the capability of the United States. The number of miles of freeway in the United States is 48,876 statute miles. It took 35 years to build. So a fence that is 5% in length and not near as capital and materially intensive should take less than 21 months, given the same effort. He's Naut Right. The defense budget is $663.8 Billion. He is still Naut Right. The primary duty of the office of President is National Defense. A secure border would seem the first order of that priority.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What is the proper counter to the Fast and Furious Scandal?

The story at the link will further explain the process of the senate investigation, it's purpose, some of the roadblocks the committee is up against, the next steps likely to be taken and some of the informed speculation of Senator Issa as to the apparant real objective of the operation.

What I would like to pose a rhetorical question to is this. What should be the reaction both as to law and policy? Should H.B 822 pass, giving a full faith and credit protection to state concealed carry permits? Should the Federal Firearms Act(s) be amended to encouage greater ownership of firearms? Should BATFE have itself pruned to BATE?

Here is the link: Issa Presser on Fast and Furious

Friday, September 16, 2011

Are Tea Partiers Irrational Ideologues?

Over at Allahpundit there was this to say: "The notion that we as a party are going to nominate the most conservative candidate simply to prove some kind of ideological point about extreme conservatism, instead of looking at the broader picture concerning the general election, is suicide.". Hotair

This is not your father's Republican party. Cementing that accomplishment and proving it; that is the goal within this primary process for the Republicans.

Has Allahpundit explored that assertion or did he arrive there by intuition? I am trying to conjure the Tea Party, as a whole, martyring themselves and it's irrational, almost at the individual level and with metaphysical certainty at the group level. What ideological point is proven by a nomination of a conservative, extreme, if you insist on the label? The Tea Party might prove they have electoral power. They might prove they prefer substance over style. They might prove that they believe their brand of governing philosophy has the best chance of righting the nation. The only alternative is to pick a candidate in order to swipe the power of the office. That's the way of the old guard. But if there is an ideological point hidden in those proofs, I don't see it.

Take the Tea Party at their word. They have utmost confidence that upon explaining their governing philosophy to their countrymen it will be embraced widely enough to ensure the election of a Republican dedicated to that ideal.

No way will the Tea Party commit electoral suicide. If running the gauntlet for the party nomination is too trying for some candidates and/or their supporters, find a softer line of work. We aim to nominate a battle tested and hardened candidate. He/she will win.

Ditzy Democrat Ditches Debt Ceiling

Hank Johnson-There is no reason to have a debt ceiling

Here are a few. It's a bar to unfettered, fiscal insanity. It is a sign to the public that the insanity is getting worse. it forced congress to a rare conscious act to exceed it.

If we can and should dispense with limits, no matter how easily breeched, why bother with any limitations on government? If you are a democrat, you are probably answering with one word, "Exactly." If Obama were answering he would point to his American Jobs Act speech where he explicitly derided any rigid notions of limits on what government can do.

To the people and district this guy represents, I suggest you clamor for an additional representative. It's just not right that your duly elected half wit gets a whole vote.

Lightsquared is Solyndra II

The company Lightsquared has invented G4 cell communication technology. It is a known interference to GPS signals. Yet development and federal approval has continued apace. The FAA and the defense department are trying to derail the implementation of the technology as it currently works. The head of the FCC refused to testify at a congressional hearing intended to find a solution to the problem.
It now comes to light that Lightsquared has been a major contributor and bundler for the Obama administration. Now, the hard part will be trying to connect the dots and see the story they tell.
Lightsquared Another Solyndra

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Putting the Brakes on Administrative lawmaking

In addition to this very good article and in support of this very good proposed legislation It should be pointed out that no power was granted to the congress to be able to delegate it's powers and authority. It could hardly be considered necessary and is and always has been most improper. To the court's rulings in contradistinction I say," fiddlesticks." they've gone off the reservation once too often meaning that body no longer deserves the reverence once held for it, almost alone among the branches. Lawyers couldn't test law without the courts signaling a willingness to entertain such tomfoolery. But I digress.
The TRAINS ACT & REINS ACT seem like necessary legislation to get the checks and balances back in working order. The rule making authority of the executive branch ought to be limited to internal administrative matters. They should function as experts for advising the legislative branch so that congress can pass substantive law. Any rule that even hints at being substantive law should have to pass the muster of these two proposed laws.
Taming thenFourth Branch of Government

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Equine Fantasy

I don't have a horse. If I did I have this fantasy about one thing I would do with it. I'd like to get 50 equestrians dressed as western American Indians to meet on the west, cliffed bank of the Mississinewa River on the Saturday in October that the re-enactment of the 1812 Battle at the Mississinewa takes place. Fifty mounted braves and bravettes added to the couple hundred braves on foot should turn the tide of the battle.
We would overlook the re-enactment arena in line abreast. Then turn north, enter the ravine that spills into the river. Turn east and cross the river at the island. Turn south along the bank, scattering the traders and pioneer village. Position ourselves in the rear of the American troops and at the height of the battle, stage a full gallop charge! First take out the cannoneers at the rear. Scalp a few. Then rip through the main battle formation. Hopefully the Indians on foot would join the rout.
After defeating the Americans, we would form up facing the crowd, line abreast. Give a last war whoop and trot off into the sun.
I'm tired of always seeing the Americans win. Same 'ol, same 'ol. I'm not a historical revisionist nor especially a native American sympathizer one way or the other. I'd just like to see the General and main organizer of the event lose for once.
Don't you think a little honest battle shock would lend an interesting and realistic flair?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Solyndra-Obama makes Koch-Walker seem tame by comparison

Since the Republican governor of Wisconsin, Walker took on the teacher's union earlier this year, some people have been trying to shove a corruption storyline up my nose. Some rich brothers named Kock have been know to participate in Wisconsin politics, boo that. I kid.

Recently a story was broken about a solar panel manufacturer named Solyndra. This company received $500B+ in low cost loans from the Obama administration for green energy initiatives. Now, less than two years later Solyndra is bankrupt. How in the hell do you go bankrupt with a half trillion dollars in your pocket? I guess it's a skill set I never mastered.

Anyway, the story in the following link says that Solyndra was under water the day Obama went there to give a speech in praise of the initiatives supported by this government loan. It also says the CEO was a campaign fund bundler for Obama in the last election. Well, that doesn't look too good on a resume.

Crony capitalism is bad stuff. But smart, crony capitalist have enough sense to put their...your hard earned money to work where it will turn profits for a long time. Coincidentally, this promotes job growth and long term employment, something the Solyndra fiasco wasn't going to do even before the ink was dry.

Here is the link to the article: Obama Lied-Solyndra Died

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gunrunner investigation expands with new revelations

Gunwalker explodes: FBI hid weapons, tax dollars, subsidized murders

Now it has been revealed that the Fast and Furious program had a domestic component. That has expanded from supplying straw purchases to actually funding them to the tune of $70k. What other motivation could our government have for this than to outlaw guns? To do this they were willing to sacrifice innocent lives, collateral damage, I suppose, in order to create a crisis that wouldn't go wasted.

Of local interest, gangs in Fort Wayne, Gary and Joliet were involved somehow.

This has jumped the shark. We cannot call this incompetence. This is evil. We have several government agencies running a criminal activity for which their publicly stated objective makes no logical sense. The only logical reason also dovetails with objectives of the White House, President, the Attorney General and the major portion of the democratic party: national gun control.

There are things which must be done. The Senate Committee on Oversight and Government Reform needs to finish it's investigation. The president needs to appoint a special prosecutor. Indictments, trials, convictions must happen. Finally, the government of the united States must statutorily recognize an unfettered right to keep and bear arms. This sorid episode in our national history should serve to cement the well stated purpose of the Second Amendment; to protect the people from its own government.

Obama insinuates the constitution will not be a bar to what he wants to do

From a transcript of the speech: "What kind of country would this be if this Chamber had voted down Social Security or Medicare just because it violated some rigid idea about what government could or could not do?"

There it is. So far no one in the MSM or in the alternative media has commented. A big kerfuffle about a portion of the speech being a factual error on A. Lincoln's role in the formation of the Republican party. But not a word on the implied assertion by Obama that the ideas in the constitution are too rigid for his grand designs and therefore, as in SSC and Medicare, worthy of getting a pass on those rigid ideas about what the government could or could not do.

During the speech the chamber experienced the quietest moment during and immediately after this utterance. Before this paragraph that this quote came from was complete and after the absolutely stunned silence, Obama is reciting the pledge of allegiance, including the "one nation under God" part. IIRC he also slouched over the podium in a half prayer-like position. Since I interpreted the previous statement as an attack on the constitution and the silence as a rebuke, I then interpret the recital of the pledge and the slouch as a plea for forgiveness for making a public faux pax in exposing his disdain for the governing document of our nation.

Come on bloggers. Give this at least some electrons.

Friday, September 9, 2011

How to debate a Democrat

My response is buried in the comments. Good article and responses. The Five Biggest Reasons the Republicans Keep Losing the Propoganda War

Gibson Guitar CEO Slams Obama Jobs speech

In the comments: an allegation that a major competitor of Gibson is a big Democrat donor. Gibson CEO comments

I never care much for the snide remarks about a politicians wife or children. I don't get what they are getting at. That Michelle Obama isn't perfect? It reminds me of seventh grade lunch time recess.

Gunrunner is a noose around Obama's neck

via Instapundit who linked ti Investors Business Daily to you- American Gunrunner

The connections to the Gunrunner scandal move ever closer to the president and with this revelation are now firmly inside the Whitehouse. If Obama is going to slip this ever tightening noose he is going to have to size the knot for someone elses neck.
UPDATE: linked from The Drudge Report, here is a new development.
Third gun linked to fast and Furious

Thursday, September 8, 2011

First impressions of American Jobs Act speech

Good speech. Artfully attempts to split the Republicans. Some good ideas, some problematic. The republicans could take the outline of the speech and formulate the law much to their liking. In one aspect it is open pork rather than secret earmarks.
The tax reforms are sure to give the republicans a fit. Obama wants to tax the rich and relieve the middle class and small business. This will give the Tea Party faction and the Rockerfeller wing some hard discussions.
The public works spending is problematic due to the utter failure of the previous stimulus to deliver on that count. It'll be a trust issue.

Obama's job speech.

Scheduled to start shortly. The Republicans have a duty to show up. They ought not emulate Democrats from Wisconsin and Indiana state legislatures. It is also a protocol that should be observed. Protocols are simply political courtesies. They should respect the office of the president. Boehner gets it. Should Obama have a moment as he did when he broke protocol and publicly criticized the Supreme Court, then a walk-out might be justified. But, they have to wait and they have to be there.

Introductory Post

Welcome to my new blog. Obviously I called it Naut Right. Since I tack to the right politically and I intend to make a point when things seem not right, the name does double duty for me.
I intend to cover topics on politics, law, religion, economics, flying, and fishing. There will be others. Whatever I find post-worthy gets a few words.
About me. My name is Michael Mahoney. I am a working tradesman, nearing retirement. I am college educated where I studied aviation maintenance, business management, economics, tool and die technology and some bootlegged law courses. I am married with adult children and grandchildren. My main topics of interest listed above reflect my personal interests, obviously.
Throughout the blogsphere I am a.k.a. Para-dimz.
My daily reading insists of Instapundit , Town Hall columnist, Lew Rockwell, Volokh Conspiacy, Drudge Report,
Daily Caller, Ann Althouse, Purple Board for Pilots

I have a lot to learn.