Monday, October 10, 2011

Dems abandon Obama on Gunwalker- Obama has a way out!

Dems abandoning ship on Gunwalker linked to

Issa and Grassley should invoke the Truman doctrine, "The Buck Stops Here." They do that by asking the president how he failed to know that an operation of this magnitude and consequence went on right under his nose without his knowledge. While it is plausible that such a thing could happen, it opens the question, what else goes on under the auspices of presidential authority that he is unaware of.

Further, if he didn't know about this, how could he know what else goes on unbeknownst to him. Should we be able to trust that the president has the reigns of the executive branch firmly in his own grasp? It would seem not. This thing goes farther than itself, then. It implicates the whole authority and command of the president.

Indeed, this is the manifestation of a failed Truman doctrine; a doctrine that acts as the pinking shears on the drapes of plausible deniability. The Truman doctrine cuts away the veil the presidents always try to use to protect themselves. The only protection faithful to his oath and duties is to vigorously expose and prosecute anyone who has abused his trust in the name of his office. There's no other way out.

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