Sunday, September 11, 2011

Solyndra-Obama makes Koch-Walker seem tame by comparison

Since the Republican governor of Wisconsin, Walker took on the teacher's union earlier this year, some people have been trying to shove a corruption storyline up my nose. Some rich brothers named Kock have been know to participate in Wisconsin politics, boo that. I kid.

Recently a story was broken about a solar panel manufacturer named Solyndra. This company received $500B+ in low cost loans from the Obama administration for green energy initiatives. Now, less than two years later Solyndra is bankrupt. How in the hell do you go bankrupt with a half trillion dollars in your pocket? I guess it's a skill set I never mastered.

Anyway, the story in the following link says that Solyndra was under water the day Obama went there to give a speech in praise of the initiatives supported by this government loan. It also says the CEO was a campaign fund bundler for Obama in the last election. Well, that doesn't look too good on a resume.

Crony capitalism is bad stuff. But smart, crony capitalist have enough sense to put their...your hard earned money to work where it will turn profits for a long time. Coincidentally, this promotes job growth and long term employment, something the Solyndra fiasco wasn't going to do even before the ink was dry.

Here is the link to the article: Obama Lied-Solyndra Died

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