Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gunrunner investigation expands with new revelations

Gunwalker explodes: FBI hid weapons, tax dollars, subsidized murders

Now it has been revealed that the Fast and Furious program had a domestic component. That has expanded from supplying straw purchases to actually funding them to the tune of $70k. What other motivation could our government have for this than to outlaw guns? To do this they were willing to sacrifice innocent lives, collateral damage, I suppose, in order to create a crisis that wouldn't go wasted.

Of local interest, gangs in Fort Wayne, Gary and Joliet were involved somehow.

This has jumped the shark. We cannot call this incompetence. This is evil. We have several government agencies running a criminal activity for which their publicly stated objective makes no logical sense. The only logical reason also dovetails with objectives of the White House, President, the Attorney General and the major portion of the democratic party: national gun control.

There are things which must be done. The Senate Committee on Oversight and Government Reform needs to finish it's investigation. The president needs to appoint a special prosecutor. Indictments, trials, convictions must happen. Finally, the government of the united States must statutorily recognize an unfettered right to keep and bear arms. This sorid episode in our national history should serve to cement the well stated purpose of the Second Amendment; to protect the people from its own government.

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