Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama's job speech.

Scheduled to start shortly. The Republicans have a duty to show up. They ought not emulate Democrats from Wisconsin and Indiana state legislatures. It is also a protocol that should be observed. Protocols are simply political courtesies. They should respect the office of the president. Boehner gets it. Should Obama have a moment as he did when he broke protocol and publicly criticized the Supreme Court, then a walk-out might be justified. But, they have to wait and they have to be there.


  1. Repeating,"You should pass this right away." reminds me of the cable channels running infomercials all day long.
    Pick up the phone and call now. Have your credit card ready.
    I know. It's just a critique of style.

  2. The American Jobs Act:
    He is putting the Republicans on the spot, making them choose to trade middle class tax cuts in return for more spending.
    Week from Monday, detailed cuts to pay for it.
    Show the details. Show the details.
    Tax reform.
    Class warfare within tax proposal. He says, no. Hm
    Free trade agreements w/South American countries.
    Review and remove rules and regs. But not too much.
    Pro-union moment.
    Weaving liberty and government support, artfully.
    Whoops, went off the reservation on the constitution. Pllllt!
    Says part of the pledge including under God. Trying to recover from a pin drop moment on the constitution.
    Don't wait till next election. Well, yeah. It would be a feather in his cap, and just in time.