Friday, September 16, 2011

Ditzy Democrat Ditches Debt Ceiling

Hank Johnson-There is no reason to have a debt ceiling

Here are a few. It's a bar to unfettered, fiscal insanity. It is a sign to the public that the insanity is getting worse. it forced congress to a rare conscious act to exceed it.

If we can and should dispense with limits, no matter how easily breeched, why bother with any limitations on government? If you are a democrat, you are probably answering with one word, "Exactly." If Obama were answering he would point to his American Jobs Act speech where he explicitly derided any rigid notions of limits on what government can do.

To the people and district this guy represents, I suggest you clamor for an additional representative. It's just not right that your duly elected half wit gets a whole vote.

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