Friday, September 16, 2011

Are Tea Partiers Irrational Ideologues?

Over at Allahpundit there was this to say: "The notion that we as a party are going to nominate the most conservative candidate simply to prove some kind of ideological point about extreme conservatism, instead of looking at the broader picture concerning the general election, is suicide.". Hotair

This is not your father's Republican party. Cementing that accomplishment and proving it; that is the goal within this primary process for the Republicans.

Has Allahpundit explored that assertion or did he arrive there by intuition? I am trying to conjure the Tea Party, as a whole, martyring themselves and it's irrational, almost at the individual level and with metaphysical certainty at the group level. What ideological point is proven by a nomination of a conservative, extreme, if you insist on the label? The Tea Party might prove they have electoral power. They might prove they prefer substance over style. They might prove that they believe their brand of governing philosophy has the best chance of righting the nation. The only alternative is to pick a candidate in order to swipe the power of the office. That's the way of the old guard. But if there is an ideological point hidden in those proofs, I don't see it.

Take the Tea Party at their word. They have utmost confidence that upon explaining their governing philosophy to their countrymen it will be embraced widely enough to ensure the election of a Republican dedicated to that ideal.

No way will the Tea Party commit electoral suicide. If running the gauntlet for the party nomination is too trying for some candidates and/or their supporters, find a softer line of work. We aim to nominate a battle tested and hardened candidate. He/she will win.

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