Thursday, September 29, 2011

There Ought to be a Law

This is another story of a DEA drug bust, gone half bad. Once again Leviathan intimidates an innocent couple while executing a raid based on false or incorrect information.
There is a rare and happy ending. No dogs were shot. No children abducted. No woman humiliated. No husband beaten or shot through and through. The owners answered the knock. What? They can do this now? Answered the questions put by the agents, declaring the sought suspect was not there and no acquaintenvpce of theirs. Here is the kicker. The refused the DEA entry without a warrant.
Again, what? You mean they organized a raid without a warrant? Is this passé now?
There ought to be a law. Whenever a persons liberty, property, health or life is taken during a preplanned government action the citizen must prevail in any suit against said agency and all the actors involved. As it stands the law excuses the agency for logical but arcane reasons and often excuses the agents directly involved because there were doing a duty. These excuses and defenses ought not be in our legal system when an act is preplanned.
So if a citizen, his dog or his front door get the weight of government authority pressed upon them improperly the citizen is entitled to every defense including the castle doctrine, though most of the time that is going to get the citizen killed.
Here is the story that prompted this post:

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