Monday, September 12, 2011

My Equine Fantasy

I don't have a horse. If I did I have this fantasy about one thing I would do with it. I'd like to get 50 equestrians dressed as western American Indians to meet on the west, cliffed bank of the Mississinewa River on the Saturday in October that the re-enactment of the 1812 Battle at the Mississinewa takes place. Fifty mounted braves and bravettes added to the couple hundred braves on foot should turn the tide of the battle.
We would overlook the re-enactment arena in line abreast. Then turn north, enter the ravine that spills into the river. Turn east and cross the river at the island. Turn south along the bank, scattering the traders and pioneer village. Position ourselves in the rear of the American troops and at the height of the battle, stage a full gallop charge! First take out the cannoneers at the rear. Scalp a few. Then rip through the main battle formation. Hopefully the Indians on foot would join the rout.
After defeating the Americans, we would form up facing the crowd, line abreast. Give a last war whoop and trot off into the sun.
I'm tired of always seeing the Americans win. Same 'ol, same 'ol. I'm not a historical revisionist nor especially a native American sympathizer one way or the other. I'd just like to see the General and main organizer of the event lose for once.
Don't you think a little honest battle shock would lend an interesting and realistic flair?

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