Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Putting the Brakes on Administrative lawmaking

In addition to this very good article and in support of this very good proposed legislation It should be pointed out that no power was granted to the congress to be able to delegate it's powers and authority. It could hardly be considered necessary and is and always has been most improper. To the court's rulings in contradistinction I say," fiddlesticks." they've gone off the reservation once too often meaning that body no longer deserves the reverence once held for it, almost alone among the branches. Lawyers couldn't test law without the courts signaling a willingness to entertain such tomfoolery. But I digress.
The TRAINS ACT & REINS ACT seem like necessary legislation to get the checks and balances back in working order. The rule making authority of the executive branch ought to be limited to internal administrative matters. They should function as experts for advising the legislative branch so that congress can pass substantive law. Any rule that even hints at being substantive law should have to pass the muster of these two proposed laws.
Taming thenFourth Branch of Government

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