Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Conspiracy Theory on Fast and Furious and Solyndra

Two separate articles posted this week reported that Solyndra executives pleaded the Fifth before a congressional committee seeking to uncover wrong doing in the federal loan deal to Solyndra, the solar panel company. Solyndra went bankrupt 17 months after receiving a $535 million dollar government loan ostensibly to promote green energy and create jobs. Where did all that money go? Why did the executives plead the fifth? The usual political graft comes into play. However, so far it seems Obama invested in the company before a name change and campaign contributions were made to the Obama campaign all appear to be above board and reported. No matter the stink of it, the investment and contributions seem to be in compliance with the law. In another article by Megan McArdle, she lays out the step by step of the money trail. In it she lays out the poor or stupid, depending on, management of the company. So here's the question. Who pleads the Fifth to cover up perfectly legal campaign contributions and the perfectly legal, if idiotic, bankrupting of a company? What is to hide? The world already knows the corporate officers made a public ass of themselves. What are the potential criminal activities that they are hiding behind the Fifth to protect themselves from a prosecution? The conspiracy raises it's ugly head right here. The whole thing is a ruse, a camouflage. The Obama personal investment, the graft, crony capitalism, the loan, even the bankruptcy are all a misdirection play. Oh, what a ruse. Had they not pled the Fifth it might have worked, too. But that plea makes no sense in light of what we do know. It's what we don't know and at this point and don't even suspect that underlies the plea. What needs to be investigated with the equivalent of legal pick axes and dynamite is any connection between Solyndra and Fast and Furious. How do I put the two together? The stonewalling at the top of government against the senate investigation on Fast and Furious makes no sense unless the very top levels of government are guilty of involvement. At this point in the investigation it makes no sense that if the top layers of government were innocent they wouldn't be throwing the guilty or suspected under the bus, wholesale. This thing is too big to play face saving games. Whoever is guilty, if found out, is going to be ground to dust by the legal system, not to mention their fates if Mexico gets ahold of them. Here is where a conspiracy theory gets dicey. There appears, as yet, no direct connection between Fast and Furious and Solyndra. But for a conspiracists, that's all the more enticing. Was Solyndra a money laundering scheme to finance the illegal aspects of Fast and Furious? Was the objective of Fast and Furious to set the stage for draconian gun laws? Ah, another twist in the conspiracy theory. That is the most widely suspected objective. It makes sense. It's been an objective of the democrats and Obama forever. The BATFE would be very willing to be played a dupe in such a scheme. Yet it has one glaring weakness. The law and the culture of the United States are the exact opposite of ripe for such an opportunity. It would be akin to driving your head into a concrete wall to cure a headache. When you take time to layer the logistics of such a plan over the expected consequences it makes no sense. Even in light of the boisterous and cocky Obama administration that have bullied through Obamacare, TARP, fiscal stimulus and the debt ceiling imbroglios, this would seem an uncharacteristic stretch for Obama. So what other scenario could be excavated from the circumstances that might stand up to logic? How about the overthrow of the Mexican government by the drug cartels? They got the guns. The guns were traced but no one has bothered to try to trace the funds. Yet this was the exact reason the operation was intended in the first place, i.e. to trace the guns to the leaders of the cartels. BATFE and the IRS wouldn't have expected to find the cartel leaders in personal possession of the guns. No. But they would have expected to be able to trace the source of the funding for the buys. Unless. Unless the funding came from the U.S. Government. Ah, but that in itself is way to risky. Government accounting may be sloppy but it is volumous. Eventually someone might have ferreted out the source if it came from the U.S. Government. Considering that tracing the funds to the cartel leaders would have been equally as difficult it only stands to reason the organizers on the U.S. Side were going to have to launder the funding. SOLYNDRA!

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