Saturday, February 16, 2013

Don't Fix Obamacare

   The howls of protest are coming in about the law nobody read. Here are two links about that:
Key Democrats Turn on Obamacare and this one, New Taxes Bourne by Small Business;Legislation to Repeal

Republicans should spurn efforts to tweak Obamacare. This was the bill that had to be passed, that nobody read and now nobody wants. Republicans should not lend the bill the slightest shade of merit by tweaking it, as though there is an overarching merit in it, in the main.

Let the whole weight of what Obama and the Democrats and Chief Justice Roberts has wrought fall on the country. It will only be through the pain of their mistakes that Republicans will have a chance at complete repeal.

Republicans need to say it clearly and without apology that this law will go into full force, as written, without amendment OR it will be repealed. The all or nothing at all approach is what the Democrats offered. Let them live with it.

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